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Re: Huh? Why would Yahoo care?
From NightFly ~* at deadlock Design on 01 August '98
adding to Re: Huh? Why would Yahoo care? posted by Max

> If the HTML is not valid, their internal indexing programs
>have a harder time deciding relevance?

I don't know about their programs, but I do suspect that is
the case.

> My approach has always been that it's as easy to write valid HTML
>as kluged HTML, and it gives my sites the advantage of being universally
>accessible by any HTML user agent (robot, text-reader, or graphics browser).

Thank you. You've nailed it! It helps to test all your pages
on a multitude of browsers before they go live. I think the
"clowns" at Yahoo! realize the importance of this. Too bad
many potential "Webmasters" (or whatever) don't.

More soon! ~*


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