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Re: Ezine Advertising --- Need Help ;-(
From Cynthia on 01 August '98
adding to Ezine Advertising --- Need Help ;-( posted by Cynthia

>I want to try my hand at Ezine Advertising. I have received some great links from boards like this one for websites that maintain a list of Ezines divided by subject. I don't know how many of you reading this have tried to go to these lists and find the right Ezine to advertise your product. Sooo much to research: (i.e. circulation, audience/topic, ad rates, how often published and on and on).

>Does anyone know of a source for this kind of information? I am looking for a source that I could go to, browse the Ezine topics, pick one that is appropriate for my product(s), find the ad rate info, and know how many people read that Ezine, and how long it will be before the next Ezine goes out. Does such a source exist???

>Anyone had any personal success with advertising in specific Ezines that you would be willing to share either through this board or that you could share with me personally. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.


Oops forgot my email address on this post

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