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Good Grief!
From Jim on 04 August '98
adding to Referral Script considered SPAM? posted by David Jacobs

Anybody who talks about my Refer Me script in association with
spam, either:

a) Has not bothered to read the documentation properly, or

b) Is too plain stupid to understand it

What the people in your newsgroup are saying is that if your
own friend (somebody you actually know) was to send you a plain
email message saying "Hey, David, check out this site..." That
would also be spam because you didn't ask your friend to send
you the email. It's the same principle.

Sorry, but when people make judgements on things they don't
understand, it's called ignorance. I was the first person ever
to use this script - I wrote it - and to date, the number of
complaints I've had is zero. If you try it, you'll see that it
can't possibly be considered spam.

My last comment: if you're worried about it, don't use it. Have you
ever heard the term "looking a gift horse in the mouth"?

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