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Re: Referral Script considered SPAM?
From Max on 04 August '98
adding to Referral Script considered SPAM? posted by David Jacobs

I successfully mail-bombed myself ... 6 messages at a time, because my browser kept showing me the page with the list of 6 addresses
if I clicked the BACK button and I kept hitting SEND. Duh ... I could have tested it with just 12 messages, but I've got dozens to delete!

Headers from this "mailbomb" show the site the script is running on, and not the site using the script, except for the
"errors to:" field and that might be permanent. However, the system logs at HE.NET could catch anyone abusing the script very
easily ... they would show one IP address (my dialup modem) repeatedly used the script at the time that the mail was sent.
If my victim complained to he.net about the spammer, my account would be cancelled for sending, not Jim's for being the referring

From livekey@mercury.he.net Tue Aug 4 06:08:20 1998
Received: (from livekey@localhost) by mercury.he.net (8.8.6/8.8.2) id GAA18300; Tue, 4 Aug 1998 06:08:17 -0700
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 06:08:17 -0700
From: Max Khat
Errors-To: jim@deadlock.com
Subject: Invitation From Max Khat

(Jim's URL and site message deleted)

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