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Re: Good Grief!
From Darryl at Anti-Telemarketer on 04 August '98
adding to Re: Good Grief! posted by David Jacobs

Jim's Refer me is a great script that was design as anit spamming program. I think it's the best thing since peanut butter pie. You should not worry about it. put on your Isp server and let it go. If you did have a problem with it ,I think your ISP would warn you first. But I don't think you will have any problems. Everyone is looking for ways to increase traffic. Jim's refer-me is an ingenious tool(Jim's head is swelling)to help do that. How many times have you wanted to tell a friend about something you saw on the net and did not want to email and explain what you just saw. Jim's program makes it easy for me,you or anyone else to tell a friend . The script does all the work for you, provided your email letter was done right. Those guys in your group are probably SPAMMERS or have Spammed before (maybe they think all email is Spam) and you just don't know it. Keep thinking and designing more great free scripts for us Jim! We Appreciate!

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