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Keywords in comment tags??
From Ethan at bostondine.com on 06 August '98
Recently I submitted a URL to AltaVista, and when I checked index
using keywords that are in the page title, it comes up as number one.
But with any other keywords (that are definitely in the META
keywords tag,) I don't even see a listing (not in the top 200.)

So I emailed them to see if I was doing something wrong, and here is
the response:

"The keywords used in your site already appear frequently
in the index so the the scoring of the words is very low in regard to
the ranking of the site and possibly not show in the first 200 listings. "

Is there anything one can do about this, besides resorting to spam
tactics? I also noticed that the no.1 listed site, under the keywords I
feel are most relevant, has several lines of comment tags after the
(/HTML) tag that are packed with keywords. Does this have an effect?

the url of the site is - http://www.gardnermattress.com

thanks in advance for any advice!

p.s. does anyone really understand the above response from AltaVista?

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