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Re: Keywords in comment tags??
From Max on 06 August '98
adding to Re: Keywords in comment tags?? posted by Ethan

>Is the lack of actual content on the
>homepages a hindering factor?
Big time.

META tags are only part of the equation. First, figure out what the
target market will type in the search engine when they are looking for the product.
Add the common synonyms and misspellings. forget trying to make "keyword" phrases
because the possible phrases are so numerous that you are better off just listing
the words.
The META description should be brief: it's the most important 10-word ad you will
ever write. Explain exactly what information your site contains or what your main product
features are.

If you have a good TITLE in the (head) part, that uses the most important keywords
(this is what will show on a bookmark), AND a good (H1) right up at the top at the page
with the critical keywords in it, AND a well-written paragrpah right under that H1 to
explain what the product/site will do for the visitor (repeating the critical keywords
of course), you'll rank a whole lot higher.

The Restaurant site repeats the words Boston and Restaurants too many times - 2 or 3 is the
most you can use. for a brief while it was possible to cram lots of repeats and bias the
rankings, but it proved just as easy for the search engines to count the repeats and drop
the site's relevance.
The mattress site has little content or anything of interest on the front page. I wasn't using
graphics (I seldom do, because it's faster) and didn't notice anything interesting.

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