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Adobe ImageReady and Ulead SmartSaver
From Brainwipe on 07 August '98
adding to Re: Image Reduction??? posted by j lee

>Adobe image ready is available for a 30 day trial at adobe.com. It is excellent. You can preview different compressions, it does jpgs and gif, you can preview browser dither, shift to web space colors etc... i think it is amazing

  Don't get me wrong, I love ImageReady, but its not realy a
budget solution. SmartSaver is only $39.95 (US) where as
ImageReady is $219 (US).

  Also both products are exellant, they score over each other
in different ways. ImageReady allows you to work on the
image during the optimisation process which is very nice and
SmartSaver dosen't allow you to do this at all... Also the
droplets in imageready are great, I love em! However, you
don't have the subsampling options that SmartSaver gives
you, and these are almost indispensible (mind you, so is the
ability to edit the image whilst optimising), and finally
smart saver allows you to view the before & after(during)
optimisation pictures at the same time, ImageReady does not.

  In short, both are exellant, if you're on a buget buy
SmartSaver, however if the money doesn't bother you too
much, download a trial of each and take your pick, coz
its personal preference time!!!

  Me, I think i'll stick to Ulead SmartSaver and do my
editing in Adobe Photoshop before hand...


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