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Monitoring Your ISP
From Darryl at Anti-Telemarketer on 07 August '98
Since I changed ISPs . I thought I was making a good move. This new Isp is suppose to be state of art. They take care of a internet center our (tax $$$) city install, it is suppose to be equal to 60 ISPs together. They have yet moved their equipment(server I am On) to this new location. Right now when visitors come to my site they come through the huge installation and into a T1. I have heard from people on the other side of the country who use a T1 as a connection tell me that my server is slow. Here and there I notice my site will time out. My question is ...Is there any way to monitor them for reliability over a period of time and get results that will explain to me in english, if they are a good host or bad host.

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