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Re: Monitoring Your ISP
From Darryl at Anti-Telemarketer on 07 August '98
adding to Re: Monitoring Your ISP posted by Nicholas

>You might take a look at NetMedic. There's a trial download
>at http://vitalsigns.com/

>Not sure exactly how it works, but I would guess that it
>"pings" the Internet, somewhat like sonar, and uses a
>bounceback to see what part of the system is slow.

I am looking for an outside source that can monitor my web site for a period of time and report back to me and tell me I their are any down times. I just have a gut feeling that my ISP is all talk. When you talk to them they always say, "Everything looks good on our end." I want some evidence to show them. Basically I want to give them a performance report.

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