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Re: A question on META keyword structure...
From Max on 07 August '98
adding to A question on META keyword structure... posted by Nicholas

>We are told that to target one-word search strings, we should
>use spaces, no commas:
>META NAME="keywords" content="hotels Portland budget economy ..."

Keep in mind that the search engines can use these words to fulfill phrase searches.

>but to target phrases use commas:
>META NAME="keywords" content="Portland hotels, budget hotels, ..."

In this example, if the searcher were going for this string - Portland budget hotels - the first set of keywords would be better than the second.
I'm not sure of the precise algorithm but I doubt that they decouple comma-separated keywords. the purpose of the phrase delimiting is so you can
LINK two words together.
I haven't tested it. I'm still testing HTML structure versus rankings. (takes a while to create pages, submit pages, track their performance, and
then delete them from the search engines before you get caught by the competition.)

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