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Refer-Me For David Jacobs ...About Abuse.
From Darryl at Anti-Telemarketers on 07 August '98
My web site just got listed on Yahoo (big differnce in traffic) This site is considered a Humor site...so it's going to draw some unwanted traffic. Today I had some refer a friend ...then the same person abused the "Refer 5 more friends", by refering the same person a total of 6 times. So what I did was emailed the victim and apologized for the abuse. I emailed the abuser and gave warning (If it was a true email acct.) And then went to Hotmail.com (since it was a hotmail acct) and ask them to warn this person if this was a true account. They actually have an email account for abuse. I think if you have a regular business web site, unlike mind you won't have to worry at all. My incedent was probably some kid. A normal business site would bore them. I will keep using it and think todays problem won't happen that often.

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