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Re: Infoseek Banned Domains-What isnt banned?
From Evan Delay at The Free Internet - free resources to build successful websites on 09 August '98
adding to Infoseek Banned Domains-What isnt banned? posted by Randall

>Does someone know exactly what domains Infoseek will accept.I have tried numerous domains and keep getting the same result,access denied,
>Infoseek is not accepting additions from certain of the larger domains.I am using free domains exclusively and would like to find one
>that will be accepted by infoseek.Have tried the email add url option and as of yet no sites have been listed so this doesnt look very promising either.Any info about this would be appriciated,what domains are banned,what free domains will infoseek accept?

Infoseek banned several domains about two years ago then relaxed the restrictions in 1997. They seem to be banning several domains (almost all free homepage sites) but even homepages like Sprynet, Compuserver and American On-line. Infoseek claims that you can still register your pages by emailing the URLs (from their add-url page), but this does not seem to work either.

I sent several emails to Infoseek but they would not respond with specific domains that had been "banned" from their index.

The entire situation is quite unfortunate since most of my traffic used to come from Infoseek.

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