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Re: Bax to Max
From Max on 09 August '98
adding to Bax to Max posted by Nicholas

>1. Might be useful to load all the pages with a unique character string
>so you can pull them all up at once for quick relative rankings,as
>well as cascading through the search results for absolute rankings.
>(Already done that, huh?)

That's part of it. Actually, I have a solid idea what the results will be, based on conversations with information retrieval and indexing gurus whose work is mostly performed on networks. But I can't use what they told me, directly, because of those pesky little confidentiality agreements that they made me sign. So I'm running a small-scale test on factors that are within the control of the average site designer.

>Importing them to a spreadsheet laid out as Title, Description,
>Keywords, Hx, follow text, Hx, follow text, ...

You would find that getting rankings is additive: TITLE + META keywords + keywords in high-ranking structural elements + keyword density overall + (search engine quirks) = relevance

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