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Re: Do META descriptions still affect relevance?
From Max on 09 August '98
adding to Do META descriptions still affect relevance? posted by Nicholas

>I seem to recall that descriptions were once favored by the
>God of Search Engines. No more mention these days. Do they still
>affect relevance?
IF you provide the META description="blah, yadda yadda yadda" on your
page, many of the search engines will show it to the searcher in the results.
I think Excite stopped using META DESCRIPTIOn, but the rest still use it.
Although I doesn't directly affect relevancy and ranks, just look at all
the bizarre descriptions in AltaVista. It will use the description if you
provide one, otherwise it takes the first xxx characters of text, and that is
usually useless.
I always put one in, and consider it a 10-20 word ad for the page's contents.

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