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Re: Monitoring Your ISP
From Max on 09 August '98
adding to Re: Monitoring Your ISP posted by Darryl

>I am looking for an outside source that can monitor my web site for a period of time and report back to me and tell me I their are any down times. I just have a gut feeling that my ISP is all talk. When you talk to them they always say, "Everything looks good on our end." I want some evidence to show them. Basically I want to give them a performance report.

It's darn slow from here ... Phoenix AZ to ???

There's something wierd going on with the traceroutes ...

Trace 4revenge.com ( ... RTT: 134ms TTL: 63 (ts30.phx.primenet.com)
(my ISP) RTT: 131ms TTL: 63 (fe1-0.cr3.PHX.globalcenter.net) RTT: 129ms TTL: 63 (fe2-0-96.cr1.PHX.globalcenter.net) RTT: 199ms TTL: 63 (fe5-1-0.cr2.PHX.globalcenter.net) RTT: 215ms TTL: 63 (vc38.atm1-0.cr1.DCA.globalcenter.net) RTT: 252ms TTL: 63 (fe2-0.br1.DCA.globalcenter.net) RTT: 201ms TTL: 63 (pos6-0.cr1.IAD.globalcenter.net) RTT: 205ms TTL: 63 (sl-gw11-dc-9-0-T3.sprintlink.net) RTT: 263ms TTL: 63 (sl-gw2-dc-0-0.sprintlink.net) RTT: 228ms TTL: 63 (sl-winnet-1-0-T1.sprintlink.net)
* * * failed
* * * failed
* * * failed
* * * failed
* * * failed This is NOT a good sign ... it indicates that the
* * * failed system is not easily found because of some screw-ups in the routing
* * * failed tables (deliberate or accidental)
* * * failed
* * * failed
* * * failed
* * * failed RTT: 220ms TTL:244 (No rDNS)
and not having any RDNS will prevent your mail from reaching some ISPs
Because a lot o spammers hide thier RDNS, bouncing mailo where the DNS can't
be resolved bounces a LOT of spam. also bounces a few legit emails.

Oddly - the traceroute to your apparent host is pretty clean: RTT: 213ms TTL: 63 (ts30.phx.primenet.com) RTT: 165ms TTL: 63 (fe1-0.cr3.PHX.globalcenter.net) RTT: 180ms TTL: 63 (fe2-0-96.cr1.PHX.globalcenter.net) RTT: 179ms TTL: 63 (fe5-1-0.cr2.PHX.globalcenter.net) RTT: 136ms TTL: 63 (v37.atm1-0.cr1.SJC.globalcenter.net) RTT: 152ms TTL: 63 (mae-west.iconnet.net) RTT: 327ms TTL: 63 (ATM1-0-7.balt01.IConNet.NET)
* RTT: 224ms TTL: 63 (No rDNS) RTT: 227ms TTL: 63 (No rDNS) RTT: 227ms TTL:247 (DEZINES.COM)

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