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Re: Dropping Like A Rock!!!!!
From Laurel at Excel Translations on 10 August '98
adding to Dropping Like A Rock!!!!! posted by Kevin

>Need some help......

>I've had great listings the last few months with Excite and Webcrawler, until.....about 2 weeks ago,then I dropped from Excite COMPLETELY.

>About 2 days later, I dropped from Webcrawler COMPLETELY.

I don't think it has much to do with your page in particular - my listings have also disappeared completely from Excite, and Webcrawler and Magellan, which are run by Excite. And judging from the responses to my post last week, "What's up with Webcrawler and Magellan," these are not isolated incidents.

It's driving me crazy! Anyone have any insight into possible indexing changes at Excite?

As far as Infoseek goes, my listings haven't disappeared, but they've gotten considerably worse. I know they've started putting a lot more emphasis on links to your page, though.

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