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Re: Keywords in 'IMG alt' tags
From Laurel at Excel Translations on 10 August '98
adding to Keywords in 'IMG alt' tags posted by Ethan

>We are now in the process of adding some real content to the homepage
>of our main site thanks to all of your recent advice. But the page
>will still remain graphic intensive (nothing I can do.) So I suggested
>that we add some more descriptive alt's to the image tags. Someone
>wrote some copy for the tags, which ended up being strings of keywords
>that are unique to each image or button.

It's a good idea to use the alt tag to describe the image, rather than just listing keywords, so that if the graphics take a long time to load, or if someone has their graphics turned off, they can still see a description of what the image is supposed to be. This is also helpful for vision-impaired people using programs to read the text from the page - lists of keywords aren't going to tell them anything.

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