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Re: I thought I was pretty good at this until..
From Laurel at Excel Translations on 10 August '98
adding to I thought I was pretty good at this until.. posted by Bob

>I tried to get this page listed on the major search engines. I've got several other real estate pages listed in the top ten but I cannot seem to even get this one listed anywhere.

One thing that I would suggest would be to divide your page up into
two or three pages. All those graphics and forms dilute the effect of
any text on the page. A good first page would just be a short description
of your business, with the forms and descriptions of actual properties
on subsequent pages.

Whatever you do, DON'T put keywords the same color as the background on
the page. The search engines caught on to that one a long time ago.

Also, you might include a few more words in your keywords (but no more
than three repetitions, of course), like "Hawaii", since people from
the mainland might not think to type in Maui, necessarily.

>I've tried putting in some keyword loaded text in a slightly different background color but no results.Bacground is black and I tried using color #000001 but nothing happened. I removed it all and tried all sorts of combinations but nothing works.

>Is there something on this page that may be getting me banned that I am overlooking. This site doesn't even come up if I do a search on the exact words in the title.

>I cannot figure it out.

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