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Re: Infoseek Banned Domains-What isnt banned?
From Pat Escalante at Dog chats on 11 August '98
adding to Infoseek Banned Domains-What isnt banned? posted by Randall

Have tried the email add url option and as of yet no sites
have been listed so this doesnt look very promising either.Any info about this would be appriciated,what domains are banned,what free domains will infoseek accept?

I have successfully submitted geocities pages and updates to
infoseek several times through their email. It does take longer
than submitting through the url method (about2-3 weeks)and then
it will disappear from the search engine entirely after about
2 weeks. It appears infoseek has changed their listing method
but I haven't quite figured out how I go from top 10 and then
am lost altogether. I wrote to infoseek regarding this(after
6 months of frustration)and they responded that the problem
was not my page though I needed to be aware that a loss in
ranking is normal and I should just simply resubmit. They
said they would look into it from the engineering angle but
I don't count on it. I have just accepted that infoseek is my
new challenge where yahoo once was :)

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