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Re: "Powered by Excite" message
From Max on 12 August '98
adding to "Powered by Excite" message posted by Pete

>I often see a "powered by Excite" message displayed on many popular search engines. Does that mean if I get my page listed on Excite, someone search on these other search engines can find my listing. Is it considered spamming to submit your URL to all engines that say "powered by Excite"? A little confusing...thanks.

The other search sites have chosen to pay Excite to do the searching and cataloging rather than develop their own software and database. It might not be 'spammming', but it is a waste of effort to submit to more than one site that is renting the use of a search engine. See the post about INKTOMI for a cluster of "powered by Inktomi" sites.

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