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Re: Keyword density
From Max on 12 August '98
adding to Keyword density posted by The webster

>I believe having a high keyword density (the percentage of keywords in text) plays an important part in page ranking especially for body text on your page, but is it important to have a high density of keywords in your meta keyword and title tags?

>What is considered a high keyword density?
It depends on your competition ... some areas are so thinly populated that a couple of keywords
in the right spot (TITLE and H1) is enough.

>Do the search engines apply this method to all the body text on your page or just the first 200 words or so?
It varies. As a general rule, your pages should be "top-heavy" with well-written, properly built
HTML that is rich with keywords. A large chunk of keyword-heavy text at the bottom of a page is suspiciously
like the trick of hiding text to bias the results.
Don't shove the text down the page with javascripts, impage, etc. The indexing programs start with the first character
after the tag and start analysing and counting. You want them to see words, relevant words, at the front of
that file.

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