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Maybe a demi-god?
From Nicholas on 12 August '98
adding to Re: Some interesting studies on site useablity. posted by Max


>The author of this site is a net.god!
>Read and heed his advice and your sites will improve noticeably.

I don't think he can be a full-fledged god, because
he commits the sin of not using margins. This is a real
pain to people who use big monitors.

In fact, this subject deserves a minor rant. Gutenberg
used margins on his Bible because the eye needs them
to read comfortably. Even someone viewing pages in
EGA resolution needs a bit of space to do a u-turn
at the end of a line. The eye doesn't like bouncing
off a scroll bar. The lack of margins becomes truly
offensive on a large monitor, where the reader has
to scan a 14-inch-wide line.

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