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Re: would you please explain keyword density in body text?
From Max on 13 August '98
adding to would you please explain keyword density in body text? posted by MojoMan

>would you please explain keyword density in body text?
It means that your keywords appear frequently in the regular
TEXT of the page (not in ALT text or comments). Some take this to
mean that the highest density possible (100% keywords) should be
However, it is possible to analyse text and compare it to
the natural word patterns or the language. In this case the
keywords are expected to be in real sentences and paragraphs, and at
a frequency that is "typical" of discussions on that topic. Pages
that vary from the norm can be given less relevance than those
with a "natural" structure and frequency.
It is impossible to tell which method of analysing text a given
search engine is using (mathematical% or NLP). However, because
you have to create something for the humans who visit your pages,
you are better off writing some real text and forgetting about the
artificial kkeyword stuffing. If a search engine installs a "natural
language processor", your pages will sink like rocks.

>What do you mean, hiding a bunch of keywords between the body tags?
Where did I say that? I did say that stuffing a bunch of keywords
into the bottom of the page, especially if they are "hidden" by font
color and size, is likely to backfire on the page owner.
Large chunks of text with high keyword density near the bottoms of
pages are a clear indication of attempts to bias the rankings.

> how do you do it?
I don't. So few pages are well-constructed that it only takes
solid HTML structure, with proper Hx tags and a top-heavy information
structure (one or two concise introductory paragraphs at the very top
of a page, using the keywords in real sentences) to put a page near
the top in most categories.

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