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Re: W3C Keyword Reference.
From Max on 13 August '98
adding to W3C Keyword Reference. posted by Anonymous

>Here, this might help clear up some of the confusion.

I asked several persons, including some who are involved with
the W3 org, and there is no definitive rule on any of the following:

commas between single keywords versus no commas
spaces after commas between single keywords
(some use them, some don't, and nobody knew if it made a difference)

The only time commas are absolutely required is to set off
a multi-word phrase within the keywords. If you separate any
phrase, you should separate the remaining words to prevent
them from being mistaken for a long phrase.
Here's the logic the robot will use (based on "Harvest's" logic)
I read keywords until I reach either a comma or the end marker (")
If there are no commas, the words are single.
If I see a comma first:
All words between the start of the string and the comma are a phrase.
All words between the first comma and the second are a phrase.
(words before and after the first comma are at risk of being treated like a huge phrase)
Single-word phrases are OK.

Has anyone actually run any tests to see if the stupid robots
have a preference? I have pages constructed both ways (commas
and no commas) and can't notice a difference in the way they
show up.

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