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Re: Tables and how they affect SE indexing.
From Max on 14 August '98
adding to Tables and how they affect SE indexing. posted by Nicholas

>Unfortunately this puts my directory before the body
>from a spider's point of view. And my directory text
>is rarely as keyword-loaded as my section titles and
>follow text.
>Any way to get the spiders to hop over the directory
>and right to the body?

Can you alter the table (with "rowspan") so that the cell
with the directory comes AFTER the cell with the body in it?

I'm visualizing a very SHORT cell in C1R1 (empty cell, or small
image for decor) with the body text in C2R1 having the ROWSPAN
set so that it will overlap cell C1R2. (ROWSPAM=2 ?)
From the user's view, they will see directory beside the body.
From a robot's view, which is straight through the code, they will
see the cells in R1 first ... which is where your body text is

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