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Re: Empty link trick -- does it work?
From Max on 14 August '98
adding to Empty link trick -- does it work? posted by Chris

>Would a spyder or crawler follow links with nothing between the tags?
> e.g.
Yes, they will. It is often used to hide a link leading to a spamtrap -
a trap for those nasty spiders that suck email addresses off pages for
spammers. People don't find it, vut the address-suckers do.

>If so, wouldn't this work for improving your listing on a search
>by putting tons of empty links in your code
NO, because the only links that count are links TO a page from outside the
domain the links point to. Internal site links don't count.

>do search engines recognize this a penalize it?
If the idea spreads, they would be easily able to detect an empty HREF
and penalise a page with too many of them. Just counting the number of
times > shows up in each page would detect it.

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