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Re: Info about Snap.com
From Josh on 15 August '98
adding to Info about Snap.com posted by Kevin

>Anyone have any info on www.snap.com

>I' ve been seeing their T.V. commercials the last few days. They seem to use a submission process like Yahoo.

>Anyway have any insight into getting pages to rank well??

I got my listing under snap without even sumbiting my site. They wrote a great description of my site and put me on top of the list (maybe it is because my name is alphibiticly first). Anyways, it is like a wanaby Yahoo. But their description is longer and better and they are desprite to list sites. I don't personally use the search engine. It does not compete with Yahoo in hits. Yahoo blows it out. But it will increase your hits if you sumbit it to them.

Josh ELihu

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