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I Think need New Infoseek Cookie Jar
From 72 Bounce on 15 August '98
I hear of crusaders submitting sites to Infoland and they go where,
nobdy knows. Then fellow crusader across turbulent rivers offers same
site to Infoworld and they go high-high.

I thought my cookies were gone. I gave whole bunch the month off,
but I searched again and there I find short cut copies. Now I give
them vacation too.

Has damage been done???? I submited new site, band new domain, brand
new name. So far it is in the Nowhere Land Country. I'm a bad boy
gone good, but they'll never believe me.

Was it the cookies??? The sites were clean, no spamage, no same
colorish type, no redirect.

My only choice now is no cookies. What will happen??? Will the Mozilla
creature think this is bad??? and again I will go to NoWhere Land.

Thank You Fellow Crusaders for Trying to Keep the World free of
Infoinsanity -

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