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Informational Message:Credit Card FRAUD
From Donald Zvanut at Gemstone Jewelry on 17 August '98
On-line selling jewelry as a distributor for a couple of months now
at Gemstone Jewelry.com . For those of you who already know more than
half of my orders with a secure form are from frauduant credit cards.
Someone else using somebodies credit card.
If you are starting out "selling on the web" have a careful and complete
order process to check all credit card orders or you WILL get charge backs.
Consider the following:
1) Check e-mail (pete@aol.com is a red flag)
2) Call the credit card company give them the first 6 digits of the credit
card. They will give you the bank name. Most bank have 800 numbers.
3) Call th bank give the credit card # and verify the name, credit card
billing address, exp. date, phone #. Ask bank is it a valid credit card.
4)check area code, is it the same as the shipping address city.
5) Call the phone #, talk to the individual who ordered the item.
6) Send insured mail with return mail receit. Use registored mail if
item is expensive enough.
7) Do not use UPS they are screwed up. LOST items happen all the time
and thier insurance will not help.
8) Fed Ex is fine but only insures to $500. on jewelry.
I hope this helps
Dr. Donald Zvanut

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