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Re: Excite and Virtual Domains
From Max on 17 August '98
adding to Excite and Virtual Domains posted by Karen

>I saw a previous post where some asked if it is true that Excite is no longer indexing sites that do not have their own static IP address.
>FYI: There is a post on "the other side" that is supposed an email receive from an Excite Tech Support rep stating that they will no longer be
>indexing sites that are hosted virtually.

>Is this post a hoax? Does anyone know for sure?

Considering that MOST companies on the Web are virtually hosted, renting server space
from companies that have permanent IP addresses, because they don't want the hassle and
expense of the hardware, I think it's a hoax, or perhaps a badly worded email taken badly.

Excite IS being very selective with pages on the free hosting services and perhaps with
pages like yourname.bigisp.com and bigisp.com/~yourname, but it would be suicidal to
limit their index to permanently connected "real" domains.

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