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Re: The question that most concerns me is...
From Pat Escalante at Dog Chats on 12 July '98
adding to Re: The question that most concerns me is... posted by Max

I somewhat agree though I am sorry to see this happen with Alta
Vista. I have always counted on Alta Vista to help me find
the obscure, little known pages. That helps me with one of
my sites a great deal. It allows me to get the word out that
a site dealing with this subject exists which is what my site
viewers count on me for. There are quite a few little obscure
awesome sites out there that are just waiting to happen.
I truly enjoy the information the web has to offer and will feel
a great sadness when the almighty dollar takes over and the
only thing left are mega sites with useless and target
advertising. This is NOT saying all mega sites are useless,
but I don't want to see "Granny's antique Cookie recipes"
being unable to be found and accessed because not everyone
shares a passion for old recipes. Is this an unrealistic
fear on my part?

>>> Alta Vista and HotBot, among others, are pushing towards
>>> an algorithm which factors number of links to a site as part
>>> of the ranking process.

> About time! That's the part of creating a website that takes
>real work. It is also a way that lets the Web as a whole vote
>on what's useful and interesting.

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