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Okay.. I feel better now
From Diana on 17 August '98
adding to Re: Please help: Competitors Submitting Our Pages! posted by Max


Thanks for the feedback. You are correct, all I see are references to the search engine robot visiting our site, but I can't tell who or if someone is doing it (no IP address). I just see all the big spiders like I do when I register it. I just reset my server logs so I don't have any code to paste here at the moment.

Guess we are just gun shy because one of our competitors hired a top ten firm whose slogan was "Play Fair and Die!" Some of the tactics they used where to copy portions of our pages to improve search engine ranking as well as some other dirty tricks. So we are always on the look out for what they might try next.

Thank you for the info on LinkWalker. Good advice and I did not think about that... we would be hurting our marketing efforts by blocking this robot from our site. I supposed we should just focus on having a top quality site that out-ranks them and let them waste all their efforts playing dirty little tricks.

Regards to all,

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