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Re: Informational Message:Credit Card FRAUD
From Nicholas on 17 August '98
adding to Informational Message:Credit Card FRAUD posted by Donald Zvanut

> On-line selling jewelry as a distributor for a couple of months now
> at Gemstone Jewelry.com . For those of you who already know more than
>half of my orders with a secure form are from frauduant credit cards.

50% fraud rate seemed high until I saw the Movado watches. People
selling less expensive and marketable items will probably have
much lower rates. Ten dollar orders for garden tools from Minnesota
would probably have a fraud rate below 1%; the item is too cheap
to attract crooks, and the fraud rate in Minnesota is about 1/8th
the U.S. average -- as opposed to New York City, which is 5 times
the national average.

This is not to dispute Donald's wise words, especially about
chargebacks. Whether they're from crooks or kooks, chargebacks
can be a bureaucratic nightmare. Unfortunately, you have to argue
each one, or the banks start to assume that you are the problem,
not the customers.

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