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Informational Message : ECP's
From Brainwipe on 19 August '98
adding to Re: Informational Message:Credit Card FRAUD posted by Bonny

  The alternative would of course be to get an ECP to provide direct
authorisation for your cards. ViaWeb (now Yahoo! Store) charges $100
per month or a basic shop, although I think they charge extra for
direct authorisation. Intellnets ishop (coming very soon I believe)
charge 60 for a basic shop, but they do offer full authorisation
in that cost through an X25 line to the bank clearing houses (X25 is
the same system major supermarket chains use) though they charge %5
per transaction for the use of this facility.

  If anyone is stuck with a commerce solution then a good ECP is prob
the easiest way to go. A word of warning though, its worth looking
arround to see what you can get for your money.


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