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From Brainwipe on 19 August '98
adding to Re: Frames and META elements posted by Bonny

  Nice site Bonny, I like lots. However may I make a suggestion. It
would definatly be woth your while for you to purchase some Image
reducing software (particularly for your GIF animations). Below is
a quick demo of what can be achived with Ulead GIF Animator using 3
animations from your site...

blink.gif reduced
from 7172 bytes
to   5082 bytes
(saving 29% or 2090 bytes)

flame.gif reduced
from 21530 bytes
to   15762 bytes
(saving 27% or 5768 bytes)

knightrider.gif reduced
from 11799 bytes
to    2451 bytes
(saving 79% or 9348 bytes)

  This was achived with absolutly no effort and could probably be
improved upon without degrading the image. As is they all still look
absoultly wonderfull, if you would like to compare them yourself I
can mail the reduced versions to you...

  Without doubt I would say GIF Animator is the best product for
reducing the file size of GIF animations. For a comparison of the 2
best packages at reducing static images see my post below, title:
(Adobe ImageReady and Ulead SmartSaver).

  Hope this helps

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