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YIKES! I'v disapeared
From Andrew at Robert's Hot Tubs on 19 August '98
hey, not that it matters but Lycos accepted me in thier channels........problem though.I'v disapeared from most of the search engines. used to be in the top 10 of all of them (10 days ago)............it's weird. when i was accepted into infoseeks channels i jumped from 25th to 3rd. still in the top 10 but it's and obscure page.
now im generally a parinoid person so........

I ask this; is it posible for someone to "mess" around and get someone elses site either banned or droped from a search engine?

i ask because i'v got a competitor (not really a competitror, but they tend to do better in the SE's than me) that's got some big bucks and has been using every dirty trick there is.......cgi redirectd, java redirects, and i dont know what else. infact the company doing all this for them actually called me and wanted to "promote" my site (the other site fired him for someone else). they even gave me a whole bunch of examples.........so what did i do? well? having a desire to leval the playing field (hey i cant afford all that "low down sneeky" crap & i dont believe in it) i sent out a couple e mails, subject: spam allert.

seems all of a sudden now, im lost in the SE's.........so the parinoia sets in *L*

any ideas? thanks

ps, the spam allert letters worked. as far as i can tell theres about 200 of thier pages that arent in the SE's anymore

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