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Is this a super Trick or Bull? Please tell me.
From Bonny at Coolimage (will be updated soon) on 19 August '98
What do you think of the idea of creating sub webs with one page only as bait pages?
So, let's say I let the Spider do the creation of several index.htm copies, but don't let them in the
.Instead I create a number of new (what Front Page calls) webs and place the fresh bait pages (index1.htm etc.) in there.

All links from the pages have to be adjusted or absolute links should have been in place before copy.
I then submit these pages individually as different webs and avoid problems with copied pages?

Another question is about framed pages:
Since almost all browsers support frames now can't I use the alternative No-frames page for all sorts of goodies?
And put bait in there like crazy?
Or are the robotz only picking up the visible stuff?

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