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Re: Infoseek - something's not right here
From Craig Brittain at Telecom Rectfier Power Boards on 12 July '98
adding to Re: Infoseek - something's not right here posted by Brian

Where do I begin, something is definately not write here. My companies web pages do not pull up either. Yes I can find my site by typing in my company name but can find any of my pages using key word, tiltle or description or for that matter words contained the body of the html. Prospective Customers on the Net do not know my company name, they do know however, the name of what they call the products they are looking for in my particular industry.

I am statrting to believe that Infoseek can internally block sites from pulling up. I state this because if do a search for my company by typing in my company name, you will find one of my pages. Then if you go to step 2 and check out grouped results, why didn't my companies pages pull up on the first page. I can not find any of my companies web pages typing in keywords,phrases,titles,description or text in body of html. Does Infoseek have a bone for my company or has a paid advertizer made a deal with Infoseek to keep competition from pulling up.

Infoseek had accused my company of spamming their index. I disagree, excessive keywords are not used. If Infoseeks seeks to be GOD here and penalize companies for they call spamming their index, then this will create huge problems for Infoseek. My competitors and many of the huge corporations will be forced by the courts to also be excluded from Infoseeks index. If Infoseek seeks to penalize one they will have to penalize all and also potentially have themselves to be regulated.

Infoseek is not an expert in my field and I try to get all of my companies products named in keywords, titles or description in order to pull up for somebody looking for such products.

A quality search which is what Infoseek advertizes. IS any body else having problems with Infoseek please E-mail me at sales@dcbattery.net.

Craig Brittain

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