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EXCITE Just isn't exciting me!
From Donna on 19 August '98
I was just reading the previous post about from Karen about Excite not currently indexing sites that are hosted in a virtual domain environment. I recently dropped off of Excite after being there for almost a year and received a similar message from tech support. Does anyone know if it is just certain kinds of virtual environments or all virtually hosted sites?

We received a lot of business from Excite. Are we are supposed to just sit around while our online business goes down the tubes or should be scramble to get a new host that offers static IP addresses? Sorry if I sound like I am venting but this is very frustrating.

Does anyone have any advice. If anybody has their site hosted with a company that uses static IP addressing, and you are happy with the service you are receiving, I would certainly appreciate a recommendation. How much more expensive is it to have a static IP address. I have had some previous web hosting night mares and am happy with my current host and don't relish the idea of switching.

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