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How To - No Jargon
From Jim on 21 August '98
adding to Re: I'd like one like Jim's posted by fhile

>>I'd like a message board like this one for my site :)
>>Jim? Max? anybody know:
>>how does one get/put a message board like this on their site?

This board started life as WWWboard, which you can get free from
Matt's Script Archive - http://www.worldwidemart.com/scripts
To set it up yourself, your hosting account needs to have a cgi-bin
If you don't understand that, chances are you haven't got one, and
you won't be able to run any message board at all.

If you end up getting WWWboard on your site, you'll notice that it
bears only a passing resemblance to this one. That's because I've
modified it and added extra bits as I've become more proficient at
using cgi scripts, in particular Perl, which comes in very useful
for adding all sorts of interactive goodies to your site, but you
have to learn it.

There are other free message board scripts around that you can set
up on your site, but to customise them to your own taste you either
need to know some Perl, or somebody who does.

If you want to hire me to do it for you, just ask...

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