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Re: Marketing on the Web without spending a fortune!
From Andrew at Robert's Hot Tubs on 21 August '98
adding to Marketing on the Web without spending a fortune! posted by Sandra Pottorff

think of designing your home page like this.

a new commer to your site wont wait more than aboyt 20 seconds for the page to load. they also wont scroll down the page to read everything.

1. 114K fo rthe top graphic ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? convert it from a gif to a compressed jpg and make it smaller.

2. you got about 2 sentances to catch their interests.

the number of hits isnt really important. what would you prefer? 1,000,000 a day (with no sales)? or 5 hits a day spending $2000 each ?

like a great product, a great site takes time too.
and for me, adding 'secure' shopping multiplied orders by about 4.

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