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Re: Marketing on the Web without spending a fortune!
From Nicholas on 22 August '98
adding to Marketing on the Web without spending a fortune! posted by Sandra Pottorff

"Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy this shopping trip
through a world of beautiful Victorian and Classic Fret Work.
To make ordering as easy as possible , may we suggest that before
you start looking at our site take a minute and print out our
order form and product list. As you shop you will be able to check
any item that you may be interested in purchasing and at the end of
your shopping trip just transfer those items to the order form.
From all of us, " Thank You " for your visit and please do come back."

The paragraph
above is premature - it gives the customer commands to drink coffee,
relax, sit back, etc. You don't have the customer's permission
to be giving instructions, because you haven't convinced them
they want your products, and you don't have a relationship with

And it tells customers print out your order form; but you ain't shown
them nothing yet. Premature.

"Free shipping" has no place on an index page; it's an order
incentive, and belongs with the closing pitch. Premature.

The index page doesn't have a natural flow from capturing my
interest, to getting me to click over to your products.
The traditional AIDA formula would work for your site.
(1) Get the prospect's Attention
(2) Foster his or her Interest in your offer,
(3) build Desire for your product or service and
(4) Generate some type of Action on the part of the buyer.

Your index needs to get to number 2, so they will click to your
product page ... where they find thumbnails of your products.

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