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Re: javascript in Frontpage
From Darryl on 22 August '98
adding to javascript in Frontpage posted by paul

>I tried to insert some Javascript with onMouseOver etc on a button into Frontpage (the page contains frames). I saved it and tried it on an IE4 browser. When I put my mouse over the button, the very first frame took on the appearance of what was supposed to be my new button look.
>When I went and had a look at the HTML, I noticed that FP got rid of the capitals in 'onMouseOver' and turned it into 'onmouseover'. Beauty!
>Where do I go from here? (Keep it civil)
>The easy answer would be not to use FP but that is not an option in my situation as I need to add onto a FP site.


Get rid of frontpage and then go here for your answer ....

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