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Re: Marketing on the Web without spending a fortune!
From Sandra on 23 August '98
adding to Marketing on the Web without spending a fortune! posted by Sandra Pottorff

>After developing a great product and a good site, we announced to all the major search engines. At the current time we are averaging only 15 hits per day since March 14, 1998. We have not had one order over the internet, but we have many local orders from nice folks who know our products. Do you think that our internet business will increase after we offer an encrypted server and a shopping cart? Our products are heirloom quality and our site offers other information, Southwest Colorado tourist info, and a "favorite places" page with links to other sites. What do we need to do to increase our hits without going broke trying to promote? Please feel free to check out our site and let me know what you think.

> My response as of 08/24/1998: Thanks for all the input, I figure we need to have one of our products on the first page instead of our beautiful scenery, although, I did find it somewhat annoying that a couple of the responses said we had no photos! We have over 80 pages of great photos, so you didn't really "look" at the site or had some sort of problem. I do agree that the first page is a bit lengthy, but that will also be taken care of very soon, our secure server is nearly ready and we get set up for credit cards within the week! And I personally don't think it is rude to ask someone to enjoy themselves while looking at the site. ( I guess that comes from being in a remote location. We tend to be friendly around here.) I have a very, very , talented person helping me develop the site and he has read all the responses so far. The only comment he had was that sometimes there are folks responding to items like these that are only there to promote "their sites" such as "webgarage", etc, and to collect your money as they "market" their product to me! I really do appreciate the sincere advice concerning the lengthy homepage, and I think it is a great idea to redesign it ASAP! We will also consider placing our buttons at the top of the page, so that our visitors will have the option to either look at the page or continue to some other point.
We only have a couple of pages that load at about 20 seconds, and we will be looking at improving that also. Thanks again, and especially to those of you who were sincere in your desire to help and not in the desire to line their pocketbooks! Sandy

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