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Re: accents: e or
From Nicholas on 23 August '98
adding to accents: e or posted by John

>The product I am selling has a character, , in it, but what if my customers don't know
>that by pushing ALT + 0233 will get them this e with an accent on it?
>Should I submit my site with a regular e, or ?
>Same thing goes for META tags....do I put the '' or 'e'?
>Please help.

Can't say specifically, but you're sure to lose some either way. So
go both ways on everything. Make your main page "", and a secondary
page with "e". Put both versions in your META keywords. And put both
versions in the body.

Poor spelling doesn't look that great, so I try to hide it
away in phrases or boilerplate where only the retired English
teachers will notice.

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