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Don't ask if you don't want to know
From kudeck on 24 August '98
adding to Re: Marketing on the Web without spending a fortune! posted by Sandra


From an independent bystander, don't ask for something if you are not prepared for the responses! Anyone who takes even a minute out of their time to (1) go to your site and (2) take the time to post a reply (and most the responses to you were quite lengthy) has done you a tremendous service!

Duh, almost everyone has an ulterior motive to go to your site anyway. Either they're a competitor, have something to sell themselves, or think they may learn while helping. Few of us have the time or resources to be purely philanthropic. What did you expect when asking for help?

I could handle you responding and stating that you simple don't agree with the advise (and preferably why). Slamming the answers you don't like is unacceptable. And lastly, you were annoyed at those who didn't find your pictures?!?! They were trying to do YOU a favor by even going to your front page. The fact they didn't find your pictures should tells you something HUGE!!

Frankly, I'm annoyed by you and am not even going to go to your site!

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