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Don't Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth
From Jim on 24 August '98
adding to Don't ask if you don't want to know posted by kudeck

Kudeck is quite right.

Sandy, sit down (have a coffee) and think about how much of their own
free time people have spent trying to help you. They don't owe you
anything, they're doing it out of pure generosity. A consultant would
probably charge you a couple of hundred dollars for that kind of info.

Making whining noises like that will achieve only one thing: people
will think "Why should I bother helping this person if they're going
to bitch about minor stuff like seeing my URL at the top of the posting?"
If everybody had that attitude, the free help would soon dry up altogether,
and then you'd have to start paying *real money* to somebody for help.

Looking at your allegations in more detail, I'd like you to point out
an example of a message on this board where the author has "marketed"
his product to you (or anybody else) without giving any useful advice
(you have about 2,500 to choose from). You may be surprised to discover
that these types of messages don't actually exist, since I delete them
as soon as they appear.

Oh, by the way, check out my fabulous software:


...am I "marketing" my products? Of course, but that doesn't automatically
mean that the advice is useless to you. Many people here would agree that
I'm doing you a big favour by pointing you there because the software will
actually help you. If I was sending you to my "Cajun Chicken" site, that
would be a different matter.

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