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Sorted out the code...
From JT on 25 August '98
adding to Re: Doorway Pages posted by kudeck

>>There's nothing on the page, i.e. a click though.

>I'm not an expert so I cannot explain why, but here's the run-down...

>IE4.0 ... everything looks fine
>NN3.01 ... just a blue page
>NN4.05 ... just a blue page

>It appears that you have some code in there that Netscape doesn't handle. I looked, but couldn't see anything. One of the experts in here could probably decifer with little trouble... Help Please!

>If you really get into a bind, I could get you an answer from another forum I visit, let me know.

I have soretd out the code on my doorway page, you can now view the page at http://www.pipedir.com/oil/i.htm.
Any comments on the structure of the page itself and the meta tags would be much appreciated.
Thanks for your previous observations - JT

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