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Re: Cybergold's patent for online incentives
From Baz on 26 August '98
adding to Cybergold's patent for online incentives posted by Pat Escalante

Apparently some of the bigger Incentive offering sites aren't too worried. They claim that this type of patent is un-enforcible due to the broad descriptions used in it.

>Ok, what is your all's slant on the patent of online business models.
>It seems now that if you give away any incentives for visiting a site
>you must pay a royalty to cyber gold. I am assuming this would be US
> sites only but what about us hosted sites or other nationality sites hosting
>us businesses? I found this article on 8/24/98 on hotwired site. It
>seems that patents are now allowed for online businesses models. Net
>auction has also done this. Are we now going to pay royalties to everyone?

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